Resources for Fishers Pediatric Dentistry Patients

Knowledge is powerful. Here at the Children's Dental Center, a pediatric dentistry clinic in Indianapolis, we believe that offering helpful information can improve patient outcomes. The more you know, the more prepared you'll be to take an active approach to your children’s oral health, improving the entire dental care process. This is why we've filled our website with information about our services and your child's dental health, so that you can make informed decisions about your family's dental care. You can also see our testimonials page for our patients' opinions.

Indianapolis pediatric dentist Dr. Edwards is committed to helping parents improve their children's health, because she knows how powerful a healthy smile can be. In addition to helping your child stay confident and happy, having healthy teeth enables your child to eat a healthy diet and avoid oral and systemic diseases. If you have questions about your child’s oral health or an upcoming dental procedure, take a few minutes to check out our patient information pages. This information is free, approved by our dentists, and incredibly helpful.

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Procedure Information

The Pediatric Dentistry section discusses many of the procedures our Indianapolis pediatric dentistry offers, including dental fillings, space maintainers, and so on. We discuss different dental procedures in depth, so you can walk your children through their upcoming dental visit. When your child knows what to expect, they're more likely to be calm during their visit.

When you talk with your children about an upcoming procedure, it helps to emphasize that Dr. Edwards will do everything they can to keep your child comfortable and happy. You can explain that special medicine will make it so your child won't feel anything during the procedure, and talk with them about things like laughing gas, facial masks, and even the dental chair. The more information you can offer your child in the comfort of your own home, the less anxiety they will have about their upcoming appointment.

Tips For Early Dental Care Success

Here at the Children’s Dental Center, one of the premiere pediatric dentistries in Indianapolis, we know how challenging it can be to teach little ones about oral health. To make it easier for parents, we've included tips for early dental care success. Here, you'll find ideas for making it easier to do things like brush your child's teeth. Sometimes, all it takes is a new approach or some of those “magic” dental supplies to help your child want to take care of their teeth.


Do you know how to keep your child safe from oral bacteria or brush your baby's gums before they get their first tooth? When it comes to early dental care, there's a lot for parents to learn. Our how-to's offer instructions to make your next dental challenge a simple step-by-step process. Check them out to learn more about caring for your child after their recent dental procedure and avoiding the damaging effects of baby-bottle tooth decay.

We are Here To Help!

Dr. Edwards are always available to answer any questions you may have about your child's oral health. As pediatric dentists in Indianapolis, we understand the intricacies of taking care of those little teeth, and the importance of proper oral hygiene from an early age. Contact our office today!