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Early childhood tooth decay is common in the United States. Almost 40% of children develop cavities before they reach kindergarten. Since small children can’t always articulate what they are dealing with, cavities can go unnoticed for months. Eventually, they develop into painful infections. Childhood is also the time when children learn proper dental hygiene. Without the right instruction and encouragement, these habits can be slow to develop. Regular checkups with an Indianapolis pediatric dentist are the best way to detect and prevent tooth decay. On top of that, it can help children learn to brush, floss, and care for their teeth for the rest of their lives. Our Fishers pediatric dentistry wants to make sure your child has the perfect opportunity for healthy teeth.

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The Role of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth may seem unimportant, since they fall out to make room for adult teeth. But, they have a necessary role to play in your child's development and health. Baby teeth help your child maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. They learn to speak properly, with all their baby teeth. The prevention of decay and infection in baby teeth helps maintain your child's health and comfort as well. Even though adult teeth will replace baby teeth, they need care and attention now to keep fulfilling their function. Learn more about what our children's dentist in Indianapolis says about baby teeth.

How Indianapolis Pediatric Dentist Dr. Michelle Edwards Can Help

At the Children’s Dental Center, we want your child to have healthy, beautiful teeth. We also want them to have a good experience in the dentist's chair. To help maintain your child's smile, Dr. Edwards provides compassionate and child-oriented services. These include:

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The American Dental Association recommends taking your child to their children's dentist in Indianapolis before they are one, or whenever their first tooth appears. You should also continue to take them to the dentist for regular checkups about every six months. Also, because you know your child best, we encourage you to make an appointment for your child whenever you have concerns about their teeth. You can call our Fishers dental office to make your appointment, or request one online.  We are also happy to provide pediatric dentistry to Indianapolis, too. We are always ready to help protect your child's teeth! See why our patients love us at the testimonials page.