Pediatric Dental Sedation & Anesthesia for Indianapolis & Fishers

As a parent, your top concern is the care and well-being of your child. Here at the Children’s Dental Center, we feel the same way. We want each of our patients and their parents to feel calm, happy, and safe in our office, which is why we offer a variety of pediatric sedation options.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Before we recommend any form of sedation for your child, we will carefully evaluate your child’s condition, their medical history, and any risks that could complicate the procedure. Safety is our number one priority when we work with patients and their parents to create a treatment plan. During your child’s initial consultation, we will also address any questions or concerns you or your child may have.

As kids dentists in Indianapolis, Dr. Bradley and Dr. Edwards have the specialized training necessary to help developmentally compromised and disabled patients, children with anxiety disorders, and kids with other special needs. Pediatric dentists also receive two years of additional training focused on orofacial growth and development, preventive care in children, pharmacological management, and hospital dentistry. As true specialists, Dr. Bradley and Dr. Edwards have the experience and formal training necessary to keep your children safe and comfortable during dental procedures.

Sedation Dentistry Options

The Children’s Dental Center offers two kinds of sedation: conscious sedation and general anesthesia.

Conscious Sedation

Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is a safe, short-term form of sedation that works well for most of our patients. It is a colorless gas that can have a mildly sweet scent and taste. While breathing laughing gas, your child might feel sleepy, warm, or a little giggly.

One of the best things about nitrous oxide is that it is a minimally invasive form of sedation, administered through a small breathing mask. Laughing gas is a mix of about 70% oxygen and 30% nitrous oxide, so your child will be able to breathe normally during the procedure. Nitrous oxide has analgesic properties, relieving pain and minimizing the gag reflex. As an incredibly mild form of sedation, nitrous oxide is perfect for children who are nervous about their appointments or who tend to find dental procedures uncomfortable.

Nitrous oxide is effective within two to three minutes after treatment has started, and it completely dissipates from the system within five minutes after the mask is removed. Because laughing gas has no long-lasting effects, your child can return to school or play immediately following their appointment.

If your child has dental anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry to make their experience pleasant and comfortable.

General Anesthesia

Some children require deeper anesthesia to manage their dental anxiety or uncontrollable movements. General anesthesia might also be recommended if your child has extensive dental issues, such as baby-bottle tooth decay or deeply rooted infections.

General anesthesia is administered through an IV to help put your child to sleep. Because this deeper form of anesthesia can affect other systems of the body, dental procedures that require it will be performed at the hospital, where your child’s breathing, heart rate, and other vital signs can be carefully monitored. Dr. Michelle holds hospital privileges for treatment under general anesthesia at Riley Hospital for Children and IU Health North Hospital.

Learn More About Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Here at the Children’s Dental Center, we take patient safety very seriously. Your child will never be given more anesthetic than they need, and we will make sure that your child is comfortable before, during, and after their dental procedure, so they will leave thinking we are the best pediatric dentists in Indianapolis. For more information about pediatric dentistry, contact The Children’s Dental Center today.