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Indianapolis Pediatric Dentist Dr. Edwards helps families set the stage for a life-long commitment to oral health in a friendly and approachable manner. She provides a pleasant visit to the dental office, promoting trust and confidence in young patients that lasts a lifetime.

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Fishers Pediatric Dentist Serving Children in Indianapolis

The mission at Children's Dental Center is to build a dental home valuing prevention, early detection and treatment of dental disease in children. Indianapolis children's dentist Dr. Edwards' goal is to provide a pleasant visit to the dental office promoting the establishment of trust and confidence in children that lasts a lifetime. Our vision is to serve as the premier provider of patient focused dental care for infants, children and teens through compassion, skill and teamwork. Here are just a few of the services we offer in our office:

Dental Emergencies

Most active children experience some kind of dental emergency during their childhood. Whether it might be a fracture, knocked-out tooth, or a bitten tongue or lip, your Indianapolis pediatric dentistry can make things right.

Dental Sealants

To protect your child’s teeth from plaque, tartar, and bacteria, consider dental sealants. Dental sealants are made from a thin layer of non-toxic plastic that is painted directly onto the surface of a clean tooth. In addition to smoothing out dental surfaces, sealants can also protect teeth from serious decay.

Fillings & Crowns

Our Indianapolis pediatric dentistry also treats early childhood tooth decay by offering traditional fillings and crowns. If your child is suffering from a simple cavity or an advanced case of baby-bottle mouth, Dr. Edwards can correct the damage so that your child can eat, talk, and play comfortably.

Fluoride Treatments

The American Dental Association recommends fluoride treatments at least twice a year for your child. We provide these treatments in our Fishers dental office, and Dr. Edwards can also prescribe supplemental fluoride for your child if he or she needs it.

Mouth Guards

Sports can be great for your child’s body, but very hard on their little mouths. To prevent dental injuries, our Fishers pediatric dentistry offers customized mouth guards, including the popular Under Armour® mouth guards.

Post Treatment Care

We want your child to be as comfortable as possible, even after they have undergone a dental procedure. Read more on this page to learn how to help your child to eat or recover after having a filling, sealant treatment, tooth extraction, or a fluoride treatment.

Preventive Cleanings

Here at the Children’s Dental Center in Fishers, we believe that happy, positive preventive cleanings are the key to helping your child to maintain a comfortable, pretty smile for the rest of their lives. This page offers more information about what happens during preventive cleanings, so that you can help to prepare your child.

Sedation & Anesthesia

If you have a child who is afraid of the dentist, or if you have a child with special needs, we offer a wide array of sedation techniques to keep your child safe and relaxed during the procedure.

Space Maintenance

Sometimes when children lose baby teeth too soon, their permanent teeth can grow in incorrectly, which can cause orthodontic issues later in life. To correct this issue, your Indianapolis pediatric dentist may recommend a space maintainer to keep the area open.

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Taking care of baby teeth is instrumental in enhancing the health of growing adult teeth. Children's dentist Dr. Edwards recommends children first see the dentist six months after the first tooth erupts, or no later than their first birthday.


Fillings and crowns are the most common types of restorations in children. Restoration refers to returning the tooth to its original shape and function after damage or decay.


Dr. Michelle recommends fluoride treatments twice a year for your child's teeth. Fluoride is a safe and effective way to fight tooth decay.

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