Child Friendly
Dental Phrases


Kid Friendly Dental Phrases

Before your child’s appointment, it’s important to use positive phrases that are age appropriate when discussing their dental needs. Here are a few kid friendly dental phrases you may here us say to your child:

“Tooth Vitamins” – Fluoride treatment to keep the enamel of the teeth strong and healthy.

“Tooth Picture” – Dental X-ray

“Tooth Chair” – Mouth prop to help the child’s mouth open.

“Tooth Trampoline” – Rubber Dam used to isolate the area we are working in.

“Vacuum” – Straw to help remove saliva.

“Mr. Bumpy” – An instrument that removes dental decay slowly, causes vibrations.

“Mr. Whistle” – An instrument that removes dental decay quickly, high pitch sounds.

“Sugar Bugs” – Dental Decay

“Barbie Spoon” – An instrument to help remove dental decay.

“Princess Tooth”, “Barbie Tooth”, “Elsa Tooth” – Fun terms to use with girls when getting a filling or crown.

“Batman Tooth”, “Spiderman Tooth”, “Pirate Tooth”- Fun terms to use when boys getting a filling or crown.

“Scuba Nose”, “Elephant Nose” – Nitrous Oxide Mask (Laughing Gas)

It’s also important not to use negative phrases such as:

Shot Needle Pain Hurt Poke Drill Yank Pull Cut

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Indianapolis Pediatric Dentist Dr. Edwards helps families set the stage for a life-long commitment to oral health in a friendly and approachable manner. She provides a pleasant visit to the dental office, promoting trust and confidence in young patients that lasts a lifetime.