Why Choose a Pedatric Dentist?


Why Choose a Pedatric Dentist?

Is your child old enough to head to the dentist for the first time? Should you book an appointment with your normal family dentist or get in touch with a pediatric dental care practice? You might feel silly taking your child to a specialist. But, pediatric dentists in Fishers offer a wide range of services and treatments that many other family dentists don’t perform. Here are a few of the powerful benefits of working with a pediatric dentist in Indianapolis.

Benefits of Working with a Pediatric Dentist

Specialized Care For Your Little One

Pediatric Dentistry one of nine dental specialties, according to the ADA. It is more involved than most people realize. To become a pediatric dentist, prospective dentists must first complete normal dental school. Then they must finish a pediatric dental residency alongside industry professionals. This extra training teaches about diseases that affect kids and children’s special oral anatomy. This helps our children’s dentists in Fishers to respond to oral health threats.

Pediatric Dentists Love Working With Kids

Besides having a deeper understanding of children’s dentistry, pediatric dentists also have a love for children. You may not find this in every family dental practice. When your child is fighting and screaming about not wanting that filling, pediatric dentists can work with them. They understand how to take those complaints in stride, calm your child down, and complete the necessary repairs.

An Environment Crafted for Children

Our pediatric dentists in Indianapolis created an environment that is well-suited to children. We want each child to feel calm and safe in our office. We decorated our exam rooms with different cartoon characters, bright colors, and themes. We also carry kid-friendly toothpaste flavors and tools that fit your child’s mouth. Playrooms and toy chests are common in pediatric dental offices, and each member of the staff creates an environment your child will love.

A Focus on Preventative Care

Early childhood tooth decay is one of the most common conditions kids face across the globe. Our pediatric dental practices tend to focus on preventive care, which can save parents a great deal of time, money, and frustration. Doctors will take the time to talk with you about how to improve your child’s brushing, flossing, and rinsing habits. Our pediatric dental practice in Indianapolis has a range of preventive care services to keep the teeth healthy.

Treatments for a Range of Dental Conditions

But, preventive care isn’t the only thing your child gets when they visit their pediatric dentist in Indianapolis. Our specialty practice provides an incredible range of dental treatments. These include restorative dentistry, mouthguards, and dental sealants. Our office also provides sedation dentistry for our little patients. This improves outcomes and making advanced restorations possible.

Dental Care Through Their Teenage Years

Don’t worry about your child getting used to one pediatric dentist and then having to switch to a normal dentist when they get too old. Our pediatric dentists are more than happy to see their patients well through their teenage years. We love helping kids remain comfortable with their dental care experience. Our pediatric dentists provide ongoing care for growing children. If you stay with us, it helps us to track problems, spot disorders, and treat conditions more effectively.

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