What Happens When a Child Breaks a Tooth?

Children are generally the most affected by dental fractures, which occur during a sudden shock. An adult can completely break a tooth, whether by accident or wear. Certain reflexes are to be known so that the reimplantation and the reconstruction of the tooth take place at best.

Dental trauma is never trivial, whether it affects baby teeth or permanent teeth. A dental fracture is a frequent trauma but must be treated urgently. If nothing has been done at the time, the physical and aesthetic damage can be heavy.

The causes of broken teeth

Generally, children are the most affected by dental fractures. Most of the time, it is an accident resulting in a sudden shock. Direct shocks or shocks of the teeth against each other can lead to internal damage to the tooth, fractures, or even expulsion of the tooth. In adults, beyond accidents, wear and tear can cause a tooth to break, although this is rarer.

The first thing to do after the accident is to recover the piece of broken tooth. If your child has lost any tooth, you must keep the tooth or the piece of tooth in a suitable place until you get to the dentist. Do not forget that a tooth is a living matter: it is advisable to put it in milk. Do not keep it in your child’s mouth because of the risk of swallowing it. If the tooth has been expelled entirely, it is important not to touch the root.

Consult your dental surgeon quickly

When your child loses a baby or a permanent tooth, you should consult your dentist as soon as possible. A permanent tooth will have a better chance of being put back in place if the dentist intervenes quickly. Ideally, you should consult within 24 hours of the fracture.

Above all, X-rays are necessary to ensure the integrity of the neighboring teeth. This can eliminate the possibility of a fracture of the root even if the teeth are apparently not broken.

Broken Baby Tooth

If a baby tooth is broken, it is necessary to consult a dental surgeon to make sure it is not serious. The whole thing is to make sure that the germ of the permanent tooth is not affected.

When the fracture occurs on a permanent tooth and the pulp area is affected, the dentist will make a temporary crown. Definitive reconstruction can be considered when the teeth have taken their final shape, size and color.

The bottom line is that, if your child has broken or lost a baby tooth, you might not think it is a big deal, since they were going to lose that tooth eventually anyway. However, it is highly recommended that if there is any trauma to your child’s mouth, whether or not a tooth is broken, that you see your pediatrician and your dentist as soon as possible. They will want to examine your child’s mouth to make sure that no long-term damage has been done.

What will dentist do with broken children's tooth?