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Special Needs Dentistry for Children in Indianapolis and Fishers, IN

An important aspect of pediatric dentistry is providing comprehensive care to young patients with special behavioral, developmental, or other unique healthcare needs. At Children’s Dental Center, we know every child is different - meaning dental care that suits one child may not suit another. In an effort to make our patients and their families as comfortable as possible, we are proud to offer oral care to all children regardless of their personal needs in the Indianapolis and Fishers area. In our goal to provide inclusive dental care, we want to specifically welcome families with children who require special needs.

Beyond routine treatment, administering dental care to children with special needs includes specialized education and additional training as well as increased:

  • Mindfulness
  • Accommodative measures
  • Consideration
  • Adaptation

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At Children’s Dental Center, we have the experience required to suit the unique nature of your child. Our goal is to create a comfortable environment where dental care is administered safely so your child can achieve optimal oral health.

How We Provide Dental Care to Children with Special Needs

Our pediatric dentists are equipped to provide oral health care to children and young adults living with cognitive, physical, sensory, mental, or developmental impairments. These dental professionals speak with parents and caregivers of the child to create a treatment plan, and how to best meet the child’s needs while avoiding potential stress or anxiety triggers. Along with providing comprehensive dental services, Dr. Edwards, Dr. Rafla and our team take care to establish a peaceful setting for our patients and families to receive treatment.

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The mission at Children's Dental Center is to build a dental home valuing prevention, early detection, and treatment of dental disease in children.

Benefits of Going to a Dentist That Can Treat Patients With Special Needs

  • Experience with understanding your child’s condition - Relieve yourself from the frustration of explaining the complexities of your child’s condition to our experts.
  • Easy and flexible scheduling - We offer special appointment times based on your needs and your child’s personal preferences.
  • You can expect patience and kindness from our staff - We do all that we can to make your appointment stress-free.
  • Comprehensive treatment planning - We can tackle several dental issues in fewer visits to make your child’s appointments as efficient as possible.

Sedation Dentistry for Special Needs Patients

As with all children, sedation is sometimes needed to help them relax while receiving dental treatments. Depending on your child’s medical history, special conditions, and preferences, we offer conscious sedation and general anesthesia. Conscious sedation, also called nitrous oxide or laughing gas, is a safe, short-term sedation method. General anesthesia, administered through an IV, is a deeper form of sedation that puts your child to sleep.

We recommend general anesthesia for children with extensive dental issues, dental anxiety, or uncontrollable movements. Dental procedures that require general anesthesia are performed at the hospital, where your child’s breathing, heart rate, and other vital signs can be carefully monitored. Dr. Edwards holds hospital privileges for treatment under general anesthesia at Riley Hospital for Children and IU Health North Hospital.

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The mission at Children's Dental Center is to build a dental home valuing prevention, early detection, and treatment of dental disease in children. Our goal is to provide a pleasant visit to the dental office promoting the establishment of trust and confidence in children that lasts a lifetime. Our vision is to serve as the premier provider of patient focused dental care for infants, children and teens through compassion, skill, and teamwork.  Call 317-932-7134 today to make an appointment with Children’s Dental Center. Our office is located at 9885 E. 116th Street, Suite 100, Fishers, IN 46037. Let us keep your child healthy together.


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Indianapolis Pediatric Dentist Dr. Edwards helps families set the stage for a life-long commitment to oral health in a friendly and approachable manner. She provides a pleasant visit to the dental office, promoting trust and confidence in young patients that lasts a lifetime.